Watch: Rihanna “Diamonds” Official Video

Fans are divided: video is a nod to troubled romance to Chris Brown or Illuminati message

After some teasing and plenty of media hype, Rihanna’s official music video for her brand new single, “Diamonds,” is finally here. Check it out above in full and then we’ll talk a bit about it and, most importantly, the reactions to it so far.

There’s no argument that this is one, very well done and expensive video.

The production value of the clip is exceptional, from the breathtaking images of the wild horses, to those of Rihanna in the middle of reversing chaos and in the solitude of the ocean.

It’s a gorgeous video that has very little to do with the message of the song, except for that part about two lovers, which, in the video, are torn apart by circumstances they can’t possibly control.

As for reactions to “Diamonds,” fans are divided: some think they see in it a nod to the troubled romance to Chris Brown, while others are of the opinion this is purely Illuminati stuff.

There’s Jesus / religious imagery (Rihanna in the ocean) and hints at the apocalypse (the burning man is the anti-Christ), voices online point out.

Personally, I doubt Rihanna had much input in the concept behind the video. If she did, she definitely deserves a big round of applause, regardless of what she meant in the clip for the simple reason that she’s still keeping us guessing, talking about her.

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