Watch: Richard Clayderman Serenades Tortoises

The pianist hopes his music will get the tortoises to mate

Two tortoises living at the London Zoo have recently been serenaded by Richard Clayderman. Apparently, the pianist hoped that his music would get the tortoises in the mood for love, and convince them to mate.

The two animals serenaded by this world-renowned pianist are currently listed as an endangered species, which is why efforts are being made to breed them in captivity.

Despite the fact that Richard Clayderman spent his entire day playing the piano next to their enclosure, the tortoises failed to mate, most likely because they were too caught up in the music to be able to pay enough attention to one another.

Still, odds are the pianist's visit to the zoo will help raise some awareness with respect to how important it is to invest both time and money in safeguarding our planet's biodiversity.

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