Watch: Rescued Fox Lives with Dogs, Thinks It's One of Them

The people who rescued Roxy found it dangling off a bridge with a rope around her neck

About six years ago, Geoff Grewcock from Nuneaton, UK became acquainted with Roxy, a 3-month-old fox that was brought to him by a group of people who found it dangling off a bridge, with a rope around her neck.

Luckily for Roxy, as this fox is now named, Geoff agreed to let it live at his Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, Dog Heirs reports.

Interestingly enough, this fox seemed quite used to being around people and did not shy away from being close to Geoff, despite the fact that the two had only been introduced.

"She seemed to be used to human interaction, so we believe someone had tried to hand rear her for a time," Geoff says.

For the time being, Roxy very much enjoys living with Geoff at the Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, and most people agree that, in its mind, it is not a fox but a dog.

"She's ever so friendly, and loves playing with all the dogs we have here. She doesn't seem to much care for the other foxes at the sanctuary, and instead prefers to play with other dogs or people," Geoff told members of the press.

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