Watch: Reese is Very Happy, Has Incredible Reaction to Christmas Presents

A home movie shot on Christmas reveals a young boy feeling overwhelmed

The child in the video above is amused, delighted and surprised by his Christmas presents, and he experiences all these emotions at the same time.

He is really overwhelmed and is moved to tears by the present he got. At one point he even prays for a specific Lego product, which he unfortunately doesn't receive.

He remains upbeat, though, and literally starts crying over the fact that he is “soooo happy,” as the clip title says.

This video about a boy named Reese was uploaded on YouTube on Christmas day, by serial uploader egress99. In the three days since, it managed to garner over 111,000 views.

“Never saw a kid react to a Christmas present like this,” the video caption reads. Indeed, not a lot of people have.

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