Watch: Recording of Billy, the Abused Chihuahua, and Adam's Live Stream

Those who missed the live stream yesterday can check it out now

A couple of days ago, I introduced you to the story of Billy, an abused Chihuahua rescued from a puppy mill in North Carolina, where he was used as a breeding dog by some people who should really spend some time questioning their understanding of ethical behavior and morality.

Given the fact that Billy's story touched a lot of hearts, he and his rescuer, Adam, agreed to do a live stream and answer some of the questions people had sent via Twitter.

The live stream took place yesterday, and the people who missed it (and those who want to see it again) can now check it out in the video above.

As the Humane Society of the United States points out, puppy mills more often than not abuse the animals in their care, which is why it is always best to adopt a pet, rather than buy one from breeders one knows almost nothing about.

PS: The look on Billy's face at about 6:40 is absolutely precious.

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