Watch: Rare Total Eclipse of the Sun Takes Place in Northeast Australia

The eclipse lasted for about two minutes, the sun, moon and Earth all aligned

This October 14, the people living in or visiting the northeast of Australia got the opportunity to witness a rare total eclipse of the sun.

The people who were present at the event say that the moment in which the sun, the moon and the Earth all aligned was simply “fantastic.”

On the other hand, NASA researchers take a much more scientific approach towards the matter at hand and say that this total solar eclipse enabled them to study the sun's corona in further detail, seeing how most of the time the glare of the sun keeps them from doing so.

“We are learning how the wonderfully-detailed structures we see in the corona are shaped by the sun's magnetic field. We can use this information to improve predictions of the next solar cycle,” the researchers explain.

For more information, check out NASA's video below.

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