Watch: Rare Giraffe Born at Conservation Center in Connecticut

Video shows the baby giraffe struggling to stand up right, take its first steps

This past Friday, the LEO Zoological Conservation Center in Connecticut welcomed a rare baby giraffe which was born at this animal sanctuary around 9 a.m.

The baby giraffe's 6-year-old mother, Petal, which is an endangered Rothschild giraffe , appears to be very protective of its calf. Hence its carefully watching the baby giraffe while the latter tries to stand up right and take its first steps.

According to the staff at the LEO Zoological Conservation Center, the baby giraffe managed to gain control of its feet and started nursing roughly half an hour after having been born.

By the looks of it, this baby giraffe is the first of its kind ever born at said animal sanctuary.

Just for the record, Rothschild giraffes are taller than most other animals of their kind, and also lack markings on their lower legs. As well as this, the have five ossicones (i.e. horn-like protuberances on their head).

Check out the Zoo's Facebook page for more pictures.

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