Watch: Rare Dolphin Stampede in California

1,000 dolphins are engaged in a stampede, off the coast of Dana Point

A rare and beautiful phenomenon caught observers' eye in California this week. You can see more than 1,000 dolphins engaged in a stampede, off the coast of Dana Point.

Passengers on a whale watching boat got to observe them turn towards the boat. The vessel in question is Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari.

It didn't appear as though something frightened them, causing a stampede. They are porpoising, or traveling as fast as they can go. Crew and passengers alike stare at the natural spectacle.

Fortunately, this boat is equipped with an underwater camera, which could capture the unique sight.

Around 450,000 common dolphins live around Dana Point, making it the area with the greatest density of oceanic dolphins per square mile in the world.

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