Watch: “Rapper's Brain in Flow” Video Sheds New Light on Creativity

Freestyle rapping is all about letting creativity “flow” through you, the video says

Now This News recently released a new video discussing the secrets of creativity with the help of freestyle rapping, and the footage is now quite a viral sensation.

To cut a long story short, it seems that rappers have the amazing ability to simply let go of cognitive control and attention, and simply focus on self-reflection and morality.

This allows them to experience bursts of spontaneous creativity and daze listeners with their capacity to toy with words and human experiences.

“Don’t over think your creative process. Just let it flow,” the video says.

As the specialists who looked into this issue explain, freestyle rapping is one amazing opportunity to catch a glimpse of the neuroscience of creativity and come to a more thorough understanding of the human brain and its “wiring.”

The video is made available to you below.

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