Watch: Puppy Teaches Younger Puppy to Go Down the Stairs

Both these dogs were rescued from a shelter, owners explain

This adorable video is proof enough that dogs can sometimes be more patient and more willing to help those in distress than some people are.

The dogs' owners explain that, soon after going up the stairs, their 6-week-old foster pup realized that getting down was not going to be such an easy task.

Luckily for it, the family's other rescue dog, a 6-month-old Labrador mix, was there to help.

As one can easily notice, the Labrador mix never loses its patience, and does everything in its power to help the puppy in distress gain the self-confidence it needs in order to do go down those pesky stairs.

“This is so cute and shows how dogs are caring and compassionate. I was overwhelmed watching this,” reads one of the comments to this video.

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