Watch: Prince William Talks About the Need to End Poaching Activities Worldwide

The Duke of Cambridge is highly concerned about the illegal trade in animal body parts

The video above was first and foremost meant for the eyes and ears of the roughly 2,000 delegates taking part in the CITES Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

However, the footage also made it online, hence our being able to hear the Duke of Cambridge talking about the importance of safeguarding our planet's biodiversity.

Apparently, Prince William is especially concerned about how the illegal trade in animal body parts will affect the elephants and the rhinos left to inhabit various patches of wilderness across the globe.

“We must do more to combat this serious crime if we are to reverse the current alarming trends. If not, we could soon see some populations of these creatures, or even an entire species, disappear from the wild,” Prince William says.

Hopefully, said 2,000 delegates will give due consideration to Prince William's message.

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