Watch: Pony and Zebra Run Through the Streets of Staten Island

Casper and Razzi had escaped from a nearby petting zoo

One YouTuber catches on camera something you don't see in New York every day – a pony and a zebra galloping through the streets of Staten Island.

“They ran past me, and then they made a loop around the parking lot. [...] I thought they were circus animals,” video cameraman Zachary Osher says.

UPI clarifies that the pair had run off from a nearby petting zoo. It looks like they are just out on an afternoon stroll, enjoying each other's company.

Owner Giovanni Schirripa tells reporters the pony is 14 years old while the zebra is just 4 months old. Even so, perhaps being the same height brought them together, because they seem to be getting along just fine.

Casper, most likely a Shetland pony is a repeat offender, as this is the third time it escapes. Unfortunately, Razzi, the zebra will face the consequences this time, as it will be moved to a different location in New Jersey.

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