Watch: Police Motorcyclist vs. Street Bump

A speed bump can be hard to avoid, and in this case a cop fails to do so

Whether this were a police officer or not, this clip would still be funny. It's about a cop riding his motorcycle, fronting a parade.

His grace and authority are shattered to pieces, I guess literally, all through the first few seconds of the video. That is when he hits a speed bump and goes flying off his bike.

The footage was shot in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico, uploader ScarylPranks informs. It's even funnier when you know this particular officer is part of the country's presidential guard.

After the shocking beginning of the clip, you can see he is fine. Even as he plummets on the street, where he ricochets a few times, he can still pick himself up. I'm guessing he didn't get out without a few scratches and a bruised reputation, though.

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