Watch: Pigs Forced to Swim to Make Their Meat Tastier

People in the Hunan province push pigs in the water, make them swim

Not to poke the bear or anything, but odds are that green-oriented group PETA will not take lightly to this video showing how the residents of the Hunan province, in the People's Republic of China, force pigs to go swimming just to make sure their meat get tastier.

The idea is quite simple: pigs who exercise develop their muscles and also strengthen their immune systems.

This basically means that one gets to grow leaner meat without having to spend whopping amounts of money on medicine.

Still, as one comment to this video puts it, “Sick people doing sick things to animals for lack of clue.”

Not to mention the fact that the rhyme accompanying this video is really out of place and bound to upset quite a lot of individuals, be they convinced vegetarians or not.

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