Watch: Edible Packaging Lets People Eat Burgers with Their Wrappings

Bob's edible packaging allows people to eat their fast food without unwrapping it

A couple of days ago, the news broke that a Brazilian fast food chain named Bob's was selling hamburgers wrapped in edible packaging.

The idea was fairly simple: make fast food even faster, seeing how it usually takes at least 1-2 seconds before removing the wrappings that keep one from feasting on their next meal, and cut down on the amounts of waste typically produced by such restaurants.

As it turns out, there is also a video, which shows how customers simply sprinkle some ketchup on their hamburger and then sink their teeth in the hamburgers and in their wrappings.

Needless to say, everybody seems quite pleased, and some even look as if they are having fun.

From where I stand, it might not be such a bad thing if several other fast food chains agreed to opt for edible packaging.

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