Watch: Paralyzed Cat Given New Set of Wheels by High School Robotics Club

Flipper suffered an injury to its spine, can no longer make use of its hind legs

Several teens who also happen to be members of the Conifer High School Robotics class have recently gone through the trouble of building a brand new set of wheels for a paralyzed cat named Flipper.

Apparently, it was not very long ago when this feline suffered an injury to its back. As a result of its spinal cord being considerably damaged in said accident, Flipper can no longer make use of its hind legs.

Still, courtesy of the new wheels that these young animal lovers and science enthusiasts have built for it, the paralyzed feline has got some of its mobility back, and can once again enjoy life.

“Oh my God! See, this is what animals teach us.. to never give up, no matter what life's hardships throw at you! Go, Flipper, go!” reads one comment to this video.

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