Watch: Otter Pup Pretends to Eat, Practices Its Feeding Skills

Seeing how committed it is, there is no way it'll get it wrong next time

This video was shot at the Notojima Aquarium in Nanao, Japan, and people agree that it is almost as funny as the one showing a red panda bear freaking out over a pair of human legs was.

Since there is no way of getting inside this otter pup's head and asking it just what it is exactly that it is doing, it was agreed upon that it is most likely practicing its feeding skills.

Given its commitment to the task at hand, odds are that, the next time it will have no choice except eat a fish while floating on its back, the baby otter will get things right.

Other possible explanation for this otter pup's odd and yet entertaining behavior is that it is actually snacking on an invisible fish, or that it is trying to mock some of the people it gets to see on a daily basis.

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