Watch: Orca Whale Scares Diver, Swims Around with a Dog

The marine mammal scares the life out of the dog's owner, then escorts the pooch to shore

Only recently, the waters of Matheson Bay in the Auckland region of New Zealand have witnessed a rather peculiar incident.

Thus, a diver is forced to seek refuge on some rocks after an orca whale from a group of four decides to come a tad too close to him, whereas a Labrador playing nearby gets to swim around with this impressive marine mammal.

As the video shows, the whale is quite friendly towards the dog and escorts it all the way back to shore.

Given the fact that its interacting with this large aquatic animal was not all that bad, the dog is seriously considering going back in the water.

However, it eventually decides that it would be best for it to remain on land.

Some of the people who have watched this video believe that the killer whale never had any intention to harm either the diver, or the dog.

Quite the contrary: it was just a bit curious about the new creatures that showed up in its natural habitat.

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