Watch: Olivia Munn Exposes the Cruelty of Chinese Fur Farms

Shocking footage reveals how the fur industry treats animals

Before scrolling down looking for the video showing Olivia Munn discussing how the Chinese fur industry treats animals, be warned: the video contains some utterly shocking footage, so viewer discretion is recommended.

In fact, I insist on making it as clear as possible that the video below is not in the least for the faint of heart.

However, the fact remains that such practices cannot be put an end to unless more people learn about them and take action against them.

“Anyone who wears fur or is even thinking about wearing fur should watch PETA’s video. It shows exactly where – and who – that coat or that little bit of trim came from,” Olivia Munn says.

“Please join me in taking a look at where most of the world’s fur originates and who is really paying the ultimate price for it,” the actress urges.

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