Watch: Oil Slick on Arthur Kill River, US

The oil slick was caused by a fuel tank cracked open by hurricane Sandy

Only yesterday, we reported on how a storage tank hit by hurricane Sandy ended up leaking about 349,000 gallons of fuel into the Arthur Kill waterway, between New Jersey and New York's Staten Island.

This video shows that the leaked fuel managed to spread over a considerable portion of the waterway, in spite of efforts to control the spill and safeguard the storage tank's surroundings.

Both the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the US Coast Guard claim that American citizens have nothing to fear, as public health runs no major risks.

However, it is quite likely that several environmental groups will not take this matter lightly.

“Oh! The irony! A storm caused by global warming, oil slicks covering the waters, while people line up for blocks in the wake for gas!” reads one very well-phrased comment to this video.

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