Watch: Nuns in Central Kentucky Protest Fracking, Plans to Build New Oil Pipeline

The Sisters of Loretto say their only concern is saving their heritage

One would assume nuns don't care all that much about earthly issues such as an oil company's plans to make a few bucks by building a new pipeline.

It turns out this is not the case. Nuns do care, especially when the proposed pipeline threatens to destroy their land.

The video above tells the story of the Sisters of Loretto, an order whose members have been living in central Kentucky since the early 1800s.

The nuns' peace is now threatened by an oil company that wishes to build a so-called Bluegrass Pipeline that would pass straight through their land and connect fracking fields in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia to the Gulf Coast.

As detailed in the video, the nuns' only way of protesting against the oil company's plans is through song.

“This isn't about fighting big corporations, this is about saving our heritage,” Sister Maria Visse says.

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