Watch: Northern Lights “Dance” over Sweden in Time-Lapse Videos

The footage was captured in the Abisko National Park earlier this month

The time-lapse video above and the one below show the northern lights “dancing” over Sweden. Needless to say, the show these lights put on is impressive, to say the least.

Photographer Chad Blakley is the responsible for our having the opportunity to enjoy this stunning footage.

Apparently, thanks to the solar cycle's reaching its peak, the aurora season not just in Sweden's Abisko National Park, but also in other parts of the world has been quite active.

In case anyone was wondering, the greenish tint easily observable in this footage comes as a result of oxygen being present in the lower atmosphere.

“I love the way this video was framed in the beautiful trees and that bright tent. Gorgeous!” reads one comment for the video above. “Just beautiful!” another one says.

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