Watch: News Anchor Cannot Stop Laughing at a Fat Cat's Swimming Regime

Susan Bahorich is highly amused by the feline's attempts to get back in shape

Several weeks ago, a cat named Holly decided that the time had come for her to do her best in trying to lose weight by swimming on a regular basis.

Seeing how the feline's current weight makes it difficult for her to lead a healthy and happy life, I am pretty much taken aback by news anchor Susan Bahorich's bursting out in laughter when seeing Holly practicing her swimming skills.

Granted, it may very well be that this cat's swimming routine is a rather peculiar sight, yet this does not change the fact that Susan Bahorich should have at least tried to fake some compassion.

As was to be expected, hearing and seeing this news anchor laugh at Holly sparked outrage amongst several people who are well aware of the difficulties overweight and obese pets have to face.

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