Watch: New York's CO2 Emissions Showcased as Giant Spheres

This video shows just how much greenhouse gases get produced in the Big Apple

When it comes to CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases, most people are well aware of the fact that they are to be found in their proximity. Yet, because they do not really see them, the issue is simply overlooked.

This video, which was released about a month ago, but which is only now beginning to receive the attention it deserves, shows just how much air pollution is produced in the Big Apple in one hour, one day and one year.

To shock the general public into realizing just how much damage overcrowded urban areas cause to the environment, New York's greenhouse gases are presented in the form of green spheres, whose diameter is one of about 33 feet (roughly 10.05 meters).

Although the Big Apple has a highly developed transportation infrastructure, it seems that most of these greenhouse gases come from the city's buildings, and not from its cars.

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