Watch: Neglected Ducks Go Swimming for the First Time in Their Lives

The birds are quite reluctant at first, but gradually build up courage

These two dozen neglected birds recently proved that the phrase “to take to something like a duck to water” has more to do with reality than one would imagine.

Thus, in spite of the fact that they had been forced to live in unsuitable conditions for a rather long period of time, once the ducks featured in this video were rescued and allowed to go for their first swim ever, everything turned out surprisingly well.

The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary [i.e. the green-oriented group who rescued these birds from the hoarding house they were living in], explains how “They lived in small sheds and animal carriers, overcrowded, living among layers of caked feces, and breathing in dust and the stench of ammonia.”

Furthermore, “Due to inadequate housing, several of the birds did not have access to proper shelter and have lost toes and combs to frostbite.”

Hopefully, the ducks will from now on enjoy many days just swimming around and exploring their new home.

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