Watch: Nation Drops Fossil Fuels Altogether, Turns Towards Solar Power Instead

The 1,411 people now living in Tokelau get 90% of their energy from the sun

While several young people in Greece are making significant progress towards establishing a self-sustainable community, the small island nation of Tokelau in the South Pacific Ocean has decided to drop fossil fuels altogether and switch to renewables instead.

Thus, the 1,411 citizens now residing in this part of the world have 90% of their energy demands met by means of photovoltaic installations, which collect the sun's power and turn it into electricity.

As the video explains, this small nation went through the trouble of installing about 4,000 solar panels and linking them together so as to form three mini-grids.

Each of these mini-grids is designed to meet the energy requirements of one atoll.

Hopefully, slightly larger nations will soon agree to follow Tokelau's example and make significant investments in technologies that would allow them to harvest green energy sources.

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