Watch: NBA's Stephen Jackson Trips over Courtside Waitress, Sprains His Ankle

This player's “method” of injuring himself is bound to make sports history

By now, most people are used to seeing NBA players and other basketball enthusiasts injuring themselves while undergoing extensive training and/or while giving their best out on the court.

However, NBA's Stephen Jackson might have just debuted a new category of sports-related injuries: the really funny ones.

As the video shows, this player merely wanted to take a step or two back to regain his balance after another player smashed into him, and ended up tripping over a courtside waitress.

This led to Stephen Jackson's landing on his behind and also getting a sprained ankle in the process.

Because of this injury, Steven Jackson was left with no choice except leave the court. Whether or not this incident had a say in the matter, the fact remains that his team lost that game.

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