Watch: Monstrous Whirlpool Sucks In Everything in Sight

The footage was allegedly shot in Dviete Parish, Latvia

The footage above was allegedly shot in Dviete Parish, Latvia (i.e. a country in Northern Europe) a few days ago.

Apparently, this monstrous whirlpool came into being after a local river flooded its banks. I have no idea who the person who shot this video is, yet I cannot help but salute their bravery when deciding to come this close to the whirlpool.

The whirlpool seems to be sucking in pretty much everything in sight, and almost everybody agrees that this is Mother Nature's way of reminding people of what it can do.

Should one feel that they lack the patience needed to watch the video in its entirety, here's a hint: things get really interesting about 5 and a half minutes in.

“Someone divided by zero,” one viewer joked about what caused this whirlpool to form.

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