Watch: Monster Goldfish Are Breeding in Lake Tahoe

Aquarium dumping is held accountable for the emergence of these giant fish

Wildlife researchers in charge of keeping a close eye on Lake Tahoe's biodiversity are now saying that monster goldfish are not only inhabiting, but are also breeding in these waters.

Needless to say, these giant fish are an invasive species, and their showing up in Lake Tahoe is a direct result of people's habit of dumbing the pet fish they no longer want in whatever water sources they happen to stumble upon.

What environmentalists now fear is that, because of their not belonging to this natural habitat, these ginormous goldfish will eventually damage local ecosystems and cause local species to experience a decline in their population.

“Those small little things that people do can have a large impact when you consider that you know, there's probably not just one person doing it,” argued Ted Thayer of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

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