Watch: Megan Fox Forgets to Hug a Talking Dolphin, Acer's S7 Ultrabook Is There Too

This commercial is more like an awkwardly-constructed movie

There's nothing like celebrity endorsement when trying to promote a product, but Acer's commercial involving Megan Fox and the Aspire S7 Windows 8 ultrabook seems to have missed the point.

Yes, Acer has released a commercial involving Megan Fox and the aforementioned ultrabook. Unfortunately, the S7 only gets about 10% of the screen time, while Fox and the adorable dolphin (that never receives a hug) get the rest.

Overall, the footage resembles a mini film about Megan's passion for marine life more than it does an advertisement.

Then again, with the price that Aspire S7 bears ($1,299.99 /1,006-1,299.99 Euro for Core i5, $1,699.99 / 1,316-1,699 Euro for Core i7), it is likely that celebrities and other rich people will be the only ones willing to buy it.

For those who want a reason to lament, the full coverage of the Aspire S7 ultrabook is right here.

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