Watch: Mega-Pod of Dolphins Spotted off the San Diego Coast

The pod was made up of roughly 100,000 dolphins, witnesses say

This past Friday, a group of people sailing in the waters off the coast of San Diego came across a dolphins mega-pod. By the looks of it, the pod of dolphins was made up of roughly 100,000 such animals.

As one can easily notice in the video above, the dolphins were pretty much coming from all directions, and some of them proved quite eager to approach the humans invading their territory and swim fairly close to their boat.

Despite the fact that dolphins are well known for their being sociable animals, wildlife researchers are yet to figure out what caused them to swim together in such large numbers.

“We were told by members of the crew that multiple pods of dolphins can come together to form mega pods for mating and feeding purposes,” the people who shot this footage explained.

“That said, they told us that the size of this pod was extremely rare – it was amazing to experience first hand (the video doesn't do it justice) and hopefully these dolphins were brought together naturally and not driven by an environmental change,” they went on to add.

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