Watch: Matt Damon Goes on Toilet Strike

His goal is to raise awareness about the global clean-water shortage

About 2.5 billion people currently lack access to a run-off-the-mill toilet and/or basic sanitation.

Hoping to raise some awareness with respect to this issue, Matt Damon agreed to star in a new PSA and argue that, until said problems are sorted out, he will no longer use the toilet.

To cut a long story short, the celebrity vows to go on a toilet strike, and not set foot in another bathroom again for as long as it takes for international organizations, world leaders and ordinary folks to figure out the best way to tackle the global clean-water shortage.

Fear not, this is merely a faux press conference. In other words, Matt Damon is not serious about his going on a toilet strike.

However, he is as serious as it gets about human society's need to better manage the water resources at its disposal.

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