Watch: Mariska the Houdini Horse Goes Viral

No gates or doors can stop Mariska from going where it wants to go

It may very well be that dolphins are smart enough to ask for help from divers when feeling that they cannot handle a situation by themselves, yet the horse in this video stands to give said marine mammals a run for their money when it comes to being a brainiac.

As the video shows, Mariska considers the whole process of opening either a gate, or a door in order to break free from its enclosure a piece of cake.

Thus, regardless of what the lock may look like, this Houdini horse always figures out a way to make things go its way.

The Houdini horse's desire to bring about anarchy is so great, that Mariska goes as far as to free other horses as well.

“OMG! She is amazing! And I thought my horses were super clever. She would make an amazing trick horse,” reads one comment for this video.

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