Watch: Maria Menounos at WWE SummerSlam 2013 Axxess

Extra host took on Total Diva Eve Marie and Brie Bella

Maria Menounos may be one of the hottest women on television right now but, as her fans know already, she’s already quite a tough cookie. If you don’t believe me, know that she took on a few WWE stars at a SummerSlam 2013 event at the weekend.

A video of the fight is included above but let me warn you that, if you’re a fan of the sports, you will find much to object about it, from the music to the fact that it’s sped up in certain places.

Both serve for a comic effect that, I believe, was the last thing the ladies in the ring were aiming at.

“Maria Menounos wrestles Brie Bella in a public match outside the WWE SummerSlam event in Los Angeles, along with Total Divas castmates Natalya and Eva Marie in a tag team match,” the description reads.

“Maria gets thrown around, has her head slammed to the mat, and is kicked in the head, plus Maria displays her own wrestling skills as well,” it further says.

Maria agreed to participate in the event after Natalya approached her about it on Twitter. They were teamed up against the other two Divas, and they won.

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