Watch: MTV Pays Tribute to Peter Parker After Marvel Kills Him Off in No. 700

Spider-Man will never be the same but the fans will never forget

As I also informed you the other day, Peter Parker is no more. In the 700th issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel has killed off the beloved guy who would double as Spider-Man, in order to have the superhero rebooted.

Below is the tribute Peter Parker / Spider-Man got from MTV Geek. It’s truly touching, believe me.

If you’re still to read the comics or haven’t heard what happens in the final chapter, it’s best to stay clear of the video because *it contains major spoilers.

If you already know, suffice it to say that the video aims to pay homage to one of the most relatable and beloved dudes ever created on paper, whose alter ego Spider-Man has been fighting crime for decades.

It also aims to put a positive spin on a plot twist that many fans still have serious trouble coming to terms with: Spider-Man may go on after No. 700 (and he will, Marvel has already confirmed it), but he will never be the same.

More spoilers are at the link in the first paragraph.

Thank you, Spider-Man!

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