Watch: Lionel Messi Scores 86 Times in a Season, 40-Year Record Broken

Take a look at Messi's trajectory, as 86 goals are relayed in 10 minutes

Lionel Messi just broke a 40-year-old record this weekend, scoring 86 times in a season. One uploader captures all these moments, including the 86th goal that made history, in a 10-minute video.

On Sunday, December 9, Messi scored twice for Barcelona, leading to the team winning 2-1 in front of Real Betis, in a Spanish League match.

40 years ago, German player Gerd Mueller set the bar high, with 85 goals in the 1972 season. Number two on the list was Pele, with 76 goals in 1958, who 25-year-old Messi beat out this season.

"As I have said many times, the record is nice but the important thing is the victory that keeps us on the patch we want to continue on. [...] As I always say, my objectives are on a team level: to win the league, the Champions League and the Copa del Rey again," a modest Messi says, according to CBC Sports.

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