Watch: Life-Size Superman Plane Flies over the Beach

A remote-controlled airplane will leave you believing in superheroes

Superhero stories are meant to inspire and, in one man's case, the Superman comic inspired him to build a life-size model of the hero.

Watch as a remote-controlled Superman flies over the beach, and makes a swift return. What you are seeing is, of course, an RC plane dressed up to look like the popular character.

Because of the angle of the arms and legs, the figurine looks believable as it takes flight and swerves around. To enhance the illusion, the model looks almost as tall as its maker, for guaranteed shock effect in case it encounters tourists.

According to Geek, the product looks like it belongs in the RcSuperheros line. There is a possibility that the maker of the clip simply outfitted it with a costume and cape, to resemble Superman.

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