Watch: Largest Iceberg Breakup Ever Caught on Camera

The footage was shot in Greenland by “Chasing Ice” filmmakers

This video shows a 7.4 cubic kilometer (roughly 2 cubic miles) block of ice biding its farewell from the Ilulissat glacier in Greenland and plunging head first in the water.

But then again, there is no such thing as global warming, and iceberg breakups like this one only happen because ice tends to get bored and goes looking for some fun stuff to do.

Almost everybody who watched this footage agrees that it is mind-blowing, terrifying and haunting – all in the same time.

The footage is part and parcel of “Chasing Ice,” a movie now playing in several theaters across the US. Starting today, the movie will also be made available to the general public in the UK.

“Chasing Ice”'s goal is that of showing how climate change and global warming are reshaping the frozen landscapes in various parts of the world.

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