Watch: Lana Del Rey “Blue Velvet” Fashion Film for H&M

Directed by Johan Renck, video bears lots of similarities to the work of David Lynch

Lana Del Rey is the face of H&M for the Autumn 2012 collection. A teaser ad was released the other day to announce the partnership, and is now being followed by the full fashion film.

Directed by Johan Renck, the fashion film is actually a music video – extended commercial hybrid that stands out for a certain vintage, eerie film that pervades it.

Check it out above in full.

Though Lana has been accused of many things (including of being a phony), this is the first time that one of her projects is being accused of shamelessly ripping off the work of famous director David Lynch.

Lynch, as fans must know, has a very distinctive style that is as hard to replicate as it’s to “borrow” from, yet this is precisely what this fashion film does.

If this is a tribute, it’s not a very good one, voices online are now saying.

Watch it and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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