Watch Lady Gaga's “The Simpsons” Episode Here

Singer takes Springfield by storm in season finale

Lady Gaga is here to help Lisa Simpson become popular for once in her life. You can see the episode in which the singer makes a very special appearance, in full, above.

Portrayed as an even insaner version of herself, Gaga brings the crazy train (literally) to town because she has a vision of Lisa being in trouble – which she is, because she's just found out no one loves her.

As with everything Gaga's been doing as of late, her “Simpsons” episode is also an anti-bullying message, packed with lots of ridiculous fashion, glitter and music.

To make things even better, Gaga's meat dress also makes an appearance. And Margie gets a smooch from the Mother Monster herself.

Check it out while you still can and, of course, enjoy!

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