Watch: Kristin Chenoweth Eats Sea Urchin on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The singer ate the sea urchin to raise money for animal charity, really hated it

Just in case anyone doubted Kristin Chenoweth's words when she said that she really hated sushi or any other types of fish, here is one video which proves that the singer truly cannot stand the taste of such dishes.

After Jay Leno promised to donate $500 (roughly €390) to the singer's animal charity, Kristin Chenoweth did her best in building up the courage she needed to take just one bite of a sea urchin.

Few (if any) can argue against the fact that Kristin utterly hated the sea urchin tasting experience. Truth be told, I am quite surprised that she managed to swallow.

Still, it was all in support of a good cause, so I can only assume that the horror her taste buds had to endure was well worth it.

Apparently, Jay Leno was so impressed that he ended up upping his donation to $1,000 (about €780).

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