Watch: Kitten Meets Hedgehog Video Goes Viral

The kitten is having trouble trying to figure out why its new friend's "fur" is so spiky

This adorable video first hit the online community a few days ago, and it pretty much became a viral sensation in a matter of hours.

The footage shows a cute kitten trying to befriend a hedgehog, or at least trying to make head and tail of the weird-looking creature that has somehow made its way into its home.

In all fairness, even if they do become friends, it might be a while before they can manage to share a warm embrace, simply because the hedgehog's spiky “fur” will always get in the way.

“I usually hate video like this. But this is the most precious [...] thing I have ever seen,” reads one comment to this video.

“Cute cute cute! The song cover is amazing too, thanks for sharing that!” another one says.

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