Watch: Killer Whale Gives Birth at SeaWorld in San Diego

The whale calf is 7 feet long (2.13 meters), weighs 350 pounds (158 kg)

This year's Valentine's Day also marked the birth of an adorable-looking killer whale. The birth took place at SeaWorld, in San Diego, and luckily for us, the event was caught on camera by some visitors and later on posted online.

The people in charge of looking after this whale calf explain that, according to their measurements, the baby whale weighs about 350 pounds (158 kilograms) and is roughly 7 feet long (2.15 meters).

However, it is to be expected that it will soon start getting bigger and bigger.

Both the calf and its mother find themselves in good health and seem quite eager to spend as much time as possible getting to know each other.

The whale calf's gender is to be determined by an upcoming medical examination, SeaWorld employees explain.

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