Watch: Kids Say What They Would Tell Santa, Adults Act on It

Children are asked what they would say if they were able to catch Santa in their home

In this funny clip by Kid Snippets, children are asked what they would do or say if they were able to catch Santa leaving them presents.

Adults then lipsync to their words, adding a bit of body movement to make everything more interesting. The result is hilarious and, yes, a bit childish.

“If movies were written by our children... We asked a couple kids to act out how it would go if a child caught Santa on Christmas,” the uploaders describe.

The audio of the clip is provided by a boy and a girl, with the boy playing Santa. The little girl accuses Santa Claus of stealing from her family, and starts grilling him.

She first asks him what she wanted for Christmas, and, of course, he cannot respond. Then she asks what the name of his reindeers are, and, when he cannot name all of them, he tells her the rest are a secret.

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