Watch Kevin Mitnick Explaining How He Used to Troll the FBI

He hacked into a telecoms company's systems so that he could trace agents

In a Big Think video, one of the most famous hackers in the world, Kevin Mitnick, explains how he used to troll the FBI back in the day. 

At the time when authorities were chasing him, Mitnick hacked into the systems of the mobile carrier that serviced the FBI in order to be able to trace the locations and the phone calls made by the agents who were tracking him.

He even set up an early warning system that alerted him when agents were near his apartment. Knowing that they were coming to search his home, the hacker took out everything that might have been of value to the FBI.

Mitnick wanted to troll the FBI so he bought a box of donuts, and labeled it “FBI donuts.” He placed the box in the fridge and waited for the FBI to come. Apparently, they didn’t touch the donuts.

Check out the Big Think video!

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