Watch: Kanye West “Bound 2” Music Video ft. Kim Kardashian

Rapper gets in touch with his softer side in new release

As announced earlier today, Kanye West has enlisted fiancé Kim Kardashian’s help for his most recent music video, for the single “Bound 2.” The video is officially out now and, without trying to be a hater or anything, it’s so silly and ridiculous it’s almost touching.

Kanye premiered it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and, as you can see in the vid above, he was mighty proud of his and Nick Knight’s work. The first reactions to it though say that he really doesn’t have a solid reason to feel this proud.

The video stars Kim Kardashian, his fiancé and mother of his child, mostly sans clothes, riding on a bike with Kanye. They hug a lot and they also stare into each other’s eyes (and the camera) a lot, while beautiful scenery is being run in the background and the wind ruffles Kim’s blonde hair.

There is a certain cheesiness and showing-off-ness (this is not a word, I know) to the video that makes it ridiculous, but I do think Kanye deserves credit for one thing: he loves his girl and he’s willing to let her be in his music video whichever way she wants to be (you just know this was Kim’s idea!) and he clearly doesn’t care what you or I think about it.

“Bound 2” is Kanye’s love declaration for Kim and I think it should be regarded as such. Otherwise, we might chuckle to death at how silly and amateurish it comes across.

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