Watch: KFC's Colonel Sanders Gets Dipped in BBQ Sauce

The event was organized by Greenpeace and meant to stop rainforest destruction

The fact that Greenpeace does not really hold KFC very close at heart is no news.

At one point in the past, they event went as far as to ask people to send personalized messages to KFC's Board of Directors and demand that this chain of fast-food restaurants immediately drop its use of paper coming from unsustainable sources.

In order to celebrate the fact that over 50,000 people agreed to take part in this anti-rainforest destruction campaign, Greenpeace organized a small get-together during which KFC's Colonel Sanders (i.e. a guy dressed up and made to look like the Colonel) got dipped in barbecue sauce.

A tiger was also present at the event and it was he who made sure the Colonel got what he deserved for having destroyed the natural habitat of countless of his brothers and sisters.

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