Watch: Justin Bieber Macy’s Black Friday Ad

Teen heartthrob has a killer smile and even better wink

As you’re preparing for Black Friday, here’s something that might interest you, especially if you’re a girl: Justin Bieber’s ad for Macy’s Black Friday. Check it out above.

As fans must already know, The Biebs has two signature fragrances, with his most recent, Girlfriend, also going on sale on Black Friday.

The ad sees Justin meet with two of Macy’s people to discuss what he should do on the big night, with the two advising him against winking.

You see, whenever Justin winks an Angel weeps in heaven no one can resist it: women, men and children alike fall to his feet, struck down by the worst case of Bieber fever.

I’m not exactly a fan but even I have to admit that the ad is cute, so I can only imagine how the Beliebers must feel about it. Check it out.

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