Watch: Iran Oil Platform Sinks to the Bottom of the Persian Gulf

The country now finds itself needing help to retrieve it

This past Monday night, one of Iran's oil platforms sank to the bottom of the Persian Gulf, and those working on it were left with no choice except swim for their lives.

For the time being, nobody can say for sure how it was that the 1,300-metric-ton platform ended up sinking with virtually no previous warning.

However, it is to be expected that an investigation will soon provide the general public with an answer to this pressing question.

Information made available thus far says that the oil platform sank while being installed by POGC and its builder, Iranian Marine Industrial Co.

Presently, Iran finds itself in dire need of help to retrieve it. Still, due to the harsh weather conditions now manifesting themselves in the area, it might be a while before a recovery operation is launched.

Needless to say, greenheads who happen not to hold drilling very close at heart are likely to label this piece of news as yet another example that, when it comes to energy, renewables are the safest option human society has at its disposal.

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