Watch: Inglewood Police Chase Video Has an Unexpected Ending

A man watching a police chase on TV notices the police drive past his home

A man watching a police chase on TV almost jumps out of his chair when he realizes that, at one point, the chased motorist goes right past his window.

This video is actually quite surprising, and the videomaker's reaction seems legit. What I don't understand, though, is why he was videotaping the chase in the first place. Perhaps he is an aficionado, or was particularly interested in this race.

Inglewood Police go after the man in a vehicle, following him as they go by the observer's home. This incident occurred on West Century Boulevard, in Inglewood, California, so we now know where uploader Jason Lee lives.

In the description, he lets us know that the motorist was eventually caught by police, at the intersection of Arbor Vitae and Oak Street.

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